Select Services

Just like traditional suppliers, Ntel Communications offer customers a complete range of Select Services on their landlines, including:

  • 1471 – identify the last caller on your line
  • Outgoing Call Barring – allows you to bar certain telephone numbers being called from your lines
  • Call Waiting – notifies you of incoming calls whilst you’re on the line
  • Call Minder – for telephones without an answer phone facility
  • Ring Back – a dedicated ring tone starts when the engaged line becomes available
  • Choose to Refuse – helping you stop malicious, nuisance calls
  • Call Diversion – divert calls to another number when your line is busy
  • Anonymous Caller Reject Stop calls from withheld or anonymous numbers
  • Answer 1571 Listen and manage your voicemail messages
  • Caller Display See who is calling you before you answer
  • Three Way Calling Pay per use. Chat with two friends at the same time
  • Withhold Number Stop your number from showing to those you are calling