Lines & Calls

Ntel Communications is a leading supplier of line and voice calls using the latest developments in both telephony and IT technology, including WLR2, WLR3, LLU, CPS and digital IP services. We are a reseller with the leading tier one networks and regularly negotiate greater rates to insure the rates we offer your organisation are more cost effective than your current supplier.

It’s really easy to set up as we arrange everything for you with your current supplier. You keep the same phone line and number, so there is no need for an engineer to visit and the transfer is completely seamless.

Directives from OFCOM have created complete parity with BT Retail whereby we have equal access to scheduling and the implementation of your lines through BT wholesale.

We will have full access to this resource and are able to offer you a better service having access to all the same line provisioning, fault monitoring and maintenance systems that BT Retail currently has access to.

We can also combine all of the services in our portfolio together to offer a ‘one bill’ solution, making payment transactions far easier and efficient.

Line Type and Installation
Ntel Communications experience in the provisioning of line rental solutions offers reliable installation of analogue and digital fixed lines. Our in-depth understanding of the market makes the transferring of existing installed lines seamless without interruption to service.

Single Analogue 
A standard line that is primarily used for making voice calls, connecting to fax machines, to receive broadband and for connecting alarms and PDQ machines

Multi Line Analogue
Multilines allow users to make multiple incoming and outgoing calls on one telephone number. They can be used individually with phones plugged directly into sockets or attached to a telephone system.

A single high-quality digital line that has two 64k channels, each used as a separate line for voice, data, video or fax. You can add further ISDN2e circuits to your installation, increasing the number of simultaneous connections and/or available data bandwidth.

ISDN lines allow you to have separate phone numbers allocated to your users either via devices connected directly to the circuit or through a PBX phone system.

ISDN30 is an advanced Wholesale digital solution for businesses that require a greater number of lines than is practical with ISDN2e. Where a business typically requires in excess of 8 lines on the same number to be connected to a digital or IP telephone system, Ntel Communications would recommend ISDN30.

Most busy call centres use ISDN30e as their primary connection because it provides a clear and fast connection when making voice calls.